Tea for Two?

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As a nation, we drink 165 million cups of tea, a day – many of this number are probably made in the Round & About office.

This week we celebrate Afternoon Tea Week. A celebration of one of the nation’s favourite traditions: tea drinking and cake scoffing. So why not go out and about and find yourself a little teahouse. It’s the best way to celebrate the summer, now the weather has cooled.

Afternoon tea is a sociable ocasion to be enjoyed with friends and family. So remember to smile and make polite conversation (between mouthfuls, of course) and savour this most quintessential of English afternoon traditions.

If you need any distraction, from all the etiquette, we are still taking answers for our guess the number of macarons competition.

Or have fun with the following quiz

Question #1: How to tea drink?

According to Debretts, the experts in etiquette, one does not need to hold out their little finger in polite society.

Question #2: How do you eat scones?

Jam and cream scones
The correct 'scone protocol' in Devon is cream first, then jam. However, if you are enjoying scones in Cornwall, then it's jam first, followed by cream! Anywhere else, it's how you like it!

Question #3: Name 4 types of teas

Tea bag question
Black tea is fermented; white tea has very little processing, green tea is unfermented and oolong is semi-fermented. How you drink it is up to you.

Question #4: Best selling UK tea brand is…?

It's PG Tips. Twinings is a close second.

Question #5: A club sandwich is …?

club sandwich
The Club (chicken lettuce under bacon) was created in the USA sometime around 1890s, with various 'clubs' laying claim to it.

Question #6: Why milk before tea?

milk before tea
Traditionally, for practical reasons, milk was poured in first to protect bone china from cracking due to the heat of the tea.


Cat Quiz

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It’s International Cat Day on Wednesday, 8th August. This date was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and at Round & About magazine, we’re all about celebrating our affectionate friends.

Research shows that watching funny cat videos online can boost a person’s energy and create positive emotions, and, according to experts owning a cat can also be good for your heart. Petting a cat is said to reduce stress levels too.

So, cats have more than earned their extra treats and cuddles this International Cat Day. Go on, show your appreciation to that moggy in your life, or buy that extra pack of cat food at the shops to donate to your local rescue centre as a little thanks to our four legged pals!

In our October edition, it is all about the other animals in our lives. So if you  have a pet business and wish to advertise click here.

In the meantime, test your catty-knowledge with our quiz.

Question #1: A group of kittens is…

I've a 'feline' that's wrong!

Question #2: A cat’s brain is like?

Dog-gone! That's the wrong answer

Question #3: Cat’s can’t taste …?

Yes they can!

Question #4: When a cat rubs your face…

That's not "purrfect"!

Question #5: Tabby is a name of breed?

Do you know your cats?

Question #6: How many whiskers on average?

That's not the cat's whiskers!


Test your country code

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Celebrate National Parks week by testing your knowledge of the Country Code.

It’s the summer holidays, what better way to enjoy a staycation than popping out to the countryside. Did you know there was a code? Most of it is commonsense and respect for others and nature, test your knowledge with our mini quiz. Once you’ve done the quiz, have a go at winning tickets to this year’s Royal County Berkshire Show

Question #1: What does this yellow arrow mean?

No, you cannot ride this way, only walk

Question #2: A boundary, means you should…

Wrong, if your actions create this much damage it can cost up to £100 a metre to fix

Question #3: Know how to walk a stile?

Wrong, your style of tackling a stile is crazy

Question #4: How should your dog behave?

Wrong, on a lead, especially during the months of March and July. A farmer can legally shoot a dog running on his land if not restrained with a lead.


Happy Emojis Day

Round & About


Pictures can say more than a thousand words and these days emojis can speedily communicate what we want to say. However, because people’s understandings/interpretations of emojis are sometimes different, they can be easily misunderstood. Test your knowledge with our quiz to celebrate World Emoji Day on Tuesday, 17th July.

Question #1: Describe ‘happy’?

Texting with emojis
Are you really sure - or did you slip up on your texting?

Question #2: I like driving in my…?

The clue's is in the phrase - seriously though, you should never drive and text!

Question #3: What does this mean?

Happy World Emoji Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy New Year's Day!
I'm three-times round the world happy!
Close, but not right. Try again...

Question #4: Which animal is not real?


Class act quiz

Round & About


Henley Festival: The boutique, cultural summer festival begins today and ends on Sunday. It celebrates the best of international and UK music, art, food and comedy at a quintessentially British location. Here are some ‘tough’ questions about the headlining acts. For more information about this event visit Henley Festival.

Question #1: Rita Ora does not sing with…

Yes, she sings on 'Girls'

Question #2: Nile Rodger’s ‘Freak C’est…

Think you better listen to the record again, or go and see him perform live this Friday!

Question #3: Curtis Stiger & Michael Buble are…?

It doesn't swing that way, that's not the right answer

Question #4: ENO means what…?

Hmmm, seems you need to go and see the English National Orchestra on Sunday - get some culture in your life.

Question #5: Grace Jones is in which 007

You're not a 007 fan are you?


Test your FIFA World Cup knowledge?

Round & About


England has reached the final quarter final. Calm your footie nerves with a little FIFA World Cup general knowledge?

Question #1: Which country hosted the 1930 tournament?

Are you sure about this being a country?

Question #2: In what year did England win

Question #3: What date is the final for

Question #4: Which country will host FIFA World

Not correct