Schools out!

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Schools out! I hear screams of excitement from the little ones, and an audible drawing of breath from their parents. There is so much to do out and about, but how do we not get overwhelmed by it all? More importantly, how do you avoid those ‘I’m bored’ moments?

Tell us what are your suggestions this summer to entertain the kids?

Welcome to our new website

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Welcome to our new website. It’s been a while, but I think you’ll agree, it’s much more fun to visit our website now. You can see our July stories by county or town, or just by subject only.

While you are here, why not enter our July competitions or take part in our poll or test your knowledge with our footie quiz?

We would love to know what you think, so go ahead, enter your comments below.

Doughnut week


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How do you like to eat your doughnut?

In celebration of National Doughnut week, and because who doesn’t like to eat one any day of the week,
we’re asking you how ou like your favourite topping?

1. Strictly Come Glazing

2. Unicorn crazy (anything as long as it’s pretty)

3. Chocolate Delight

4. Strawberry Sweet

5. Vanilla custard

6. I’m Jamming, (in the middle)