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Henley Festival: The boutique, cultural summer festival begins today and ends on Sunday. It celebrates the best of international and UK music, art, food and comedy at a quintessentially British location. Here are some ‘tough’ questions about the headlining acts. For more information about this event visit Henley Festival.

Question #1: Rita Ora does not sing with…

Yes, she sings on 'Girls'

Question #2: Grace Jones is in which 007

You're not a 007 fan are you?

Question #3: Curtis Stiger & Michael Buble are…?

It doesn't swing that way, that's not the right answer

Question #4: ENO means what…?

Hmmm, seems you need to go and see the English National Orchestra on Sunday - get some culture in your life.

Question #5: Nile Rodger’s ‘Freak C’est…

Think you better listen to the record again, or go and see him perform live this Friday!



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