Just the tonic!

Find out how much you know about this well-loved drink


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Coffee beans

Joe. Java. Fix. Whatever you …

Sporting weekend

If you are in need of a challenge, test yourself with our quiz relating to sporting events that are happening this August Bank Holiday weekend.

Tea for Two?

Do you know your etiquette of afternoon tea? Nevermind, neither do we. In celebration of Afternoon Tea Awareness week, we have created this quiz.

Happy Emojis Day

Emojis are often misunderstood. Test your emojis knowledge

Class act quiz

Henley Festival starts today. Do you know your stars?

Test your FIFA World Cup knowledge?

England has reached the final quarter final. Calm your footie nerves with a little FIFA World Cup general knowledge?

Cat Quiz

It’s International Cat Day on Wednesday, 8th August, and at Round & About magazine, we’re all about celebrating our cute, furry, affectionate friends.

Test your country code

Celebrate National Parks week by …