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Welcome to our new website. It’s been a while, but I think you’ll agree, it’s much more fun to visit our website now. You can see our July stories by county or town, or just by subject only.

While you are here, why not enter our July competitions or take part in our poll or test your knowledge with our footie quiz?

We would love to know what you think, so go ahead, enter your comments below.


18 Replies to “Welcome to our new website”

  1. This is hopeless. Not easy to follow, no link to competitions, how do we enter now or is the plan to make it harder? If you receive the hard copy as we do, apart from entering competitions why would you look at this website?
    The website is meant to be and a showcase on what you do. This is not a good site at all now.

  2. This website is now more difficult to navigate, especially like the above trying to find the competitions which was really easy before. I enjoy reading the magazine when it comes and may occasionally wish to look at the website but there is no indication of what articles there are. You just have to ‘load more’. Also there is an error message on the right hand side of my screen on my Mac.

  3. Unable to find link to the competitions on your new Website. I want to enter the jewellery and Royal Winsor competitions.

  4. Hi, as with previous comments,the competitions don’t seem to match the ones advertised in the magazine. ie I can see the “wine tasting experience2 but not the “Berkshire Show tickets”. Good luck in sorting it out. PS Still enjoy the magazine

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